Niamh Browne

Niamh Browne

Niamh came to the MBSR programme back in 2016, specifically to deal with tinnitus and her mindfulness journey began then.  She had no previous experience of mindfulness meditation practice, like many other participants who sign up.  The programme was transformational for Niamh (as it has been for many other participants), her daily practice and passion lead to the creation of , this is a truly inspirational story on many levels.  Stress, Tinnitus, Creativity, Mindfulness, Moments for Me, Gratitude.

Niamh’s story was featured on radio, tv, newspapers and magazines and the journey continues!

Check out her Blog on her experience of our Mindfulness & Yoga Weekend Retreat at Tig Roy.  It gives a flavour of our retreats from her perspective which might be useful if you’ve never attended one before and are curious.

Niamh, a Graphic Designer, designs fabulous colourful mindfulness “Flash Cards for Grown Ups” the idea, grew from her daily mindfulness meditation practices, cultivated in the MBSR Programme.  I keep some displayed in my home and office.  They make beautiful gifts, and are great reminders to stop and pause and remember to be mindful.

Niamh’s latest offering is a beautiful Mindfulness Gratitude Journal  it is filled with mindful tips and photos to support a daily gratitude practice.  Thank you Niamh for your practice, your passion and for being an inspiration and a supporter on this mindfulness journey!

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