Another inspiring story from a participant who completed the MBSR Programme with Mindfulness Journey in 2018!

I completed the MBSR course three years ago. I enrolled on Donna’s course because I had heard such excellent reviews about it. I wanted to improve my health and wellbeing. The course helped me in so many ways and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found my sleep improved, it helped relieve pain and most importantly, made me recognise the importance of slowing down. I knew during this course that I would bring some of the invaluable techniques I learned into my classroom and feel that the MBSR course played a part in the creation of our ‘Breathe with Bea’ series.

We are two primary school teachers from Limerick, Ireland, who have recently written and published a children’s mindfulness storybook called ‘Bea’s Ocean Commotion.’ We have also set up a website to help promote children’s mental health and wellbeing. The website is, the Instagram page is @breathewithbea and the Facebook page is @breathewithbea

Between us, we have nearly thirty years teaching experience and have completed numerous mindfulness courses including MBSR and Creative Mindfulness Kids Practitioner (IMMA). As mothers, teachers and mindfulness practitioners, we have always been very passionate about promoting mental health and children’s well-being – and so we created the ‘Breathe with Bea’ series.

The first book in the series is titled ‘Beas Ocean Commotion.’ It is a book about friendship and dealing with worry. Our hope is that parents and teachers will use the beautifully illustrated, rhyming story to engage children to connect and identify with the characters as a way of helping them express their feelings. As teachers, we know that young children learn best through story, rhyme, fun and active learning. Therefore, we designed and created an exciting book to help children identify, recognise and manage feelings of worry and provide them with strategies to help self-regulate through mindful breathing techniques. These techniques are simple and help relax, calm and focus the mind and body. There are many key messages in the book, for example, friendship, self-awareness, self-confidence, expressing feelings and emotions and relating to others.

The book comes with a ‘Mindful Me with Bea’ pack, to practice the mindful breathing techniques with children throughout the day, if a child is feeling anxious or worried at any time. ‘Beas Ocean Commotion’ also aims to help children with additional needs to recognise, identify and manage feelings, which can be a difficult task.

Many thanks,
Sinéad and Claire.

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